Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dog Dayz Hike

      Here is a great hike near Red Lodge, Montana for the dogs out there that want to travel to neat places.  Red Lodge, Montana is right outside of the Beartooth Wilderness about an hour and a half from Billings, Montana.  Rugged mountains surround you when hiking and a dog friendly ski town welcomes you for dinner when your paws are rubbed raw and worn out from your adventures.  The photos from this hike are from Quinnebaugh Meadows on West Fork Road.  It is an off leash trail that has such nice doggies to meet while hiking! 

Quinnebaugh Meadows, Red Lodge, Montana 2010

     My mom and dad brought me up here winter and summer.  In the summer we would hike near the rushing stream and in the winter we would nordic ski in the deep snow.  Sometimes we would go swimming in the beautiful crisp, cool mountain lakes.   I would swim after the ducks for hours as mom and dad skipped rocks on the shore.  (I miss the mountain lakes.)   One time I was nose to nose with a duck.  I didn't know what to do when he didn't fly away.  So I gave him a big kiss on the nose and he chased me like he was the dog and I was the duck.  I guess he was having a bad day or was in denial of his identity.  Stupid duck.  Anyway....  That's a tale for another day.  This is a picture of my dad and I. He wasn't aware I was going to be in it until the last moment.  Haha!

I always know where the camera is!

     My favorite part about this beautiful hike were the beautiful boulders I could climb to become Queen of the Mountains.  I love to be the highest thing around and there were more boulders than my mom could count.

 The hike itself follows a stream, so my mom and dad didn't have to carry a zillion bottles of water for me on their backs.  (When they aren't carrying water they are a little faster when hiking.  I always want to go faster!)  The meadow is about two miles up on the hike, but you can keep going a total of twelve more miles.  Several backpacking places exist for the avid outdoorsmen mom and dads!  My mom and dad love to backpack with me and my Ruffwear backpacking bed.  !    If you do take this hike, don't pass up driving the world famous Beartooth Highway and spending a day with the down home dog lovers of Red Lodge, Montana. 

Hike with you later!  


  1. Kootenai knows those mountains like the back of her paw! She is the fastest hiker and always has a nose for great photos (when she's not knocking over the camera for family poses!) Thanks for bringing back all those great memories Kootenai!

    All my Love,

    -Kootenai's Dad

  2. I love a Montana adventure! You are a lucky dog to have these pawesome opportunities! I bet the mountain lakes are refreshing after a long days hike!