Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Month Till an Exciting Bath Day!!

    Today I went to Brookside Barkery in Overland Park, Kansas and received my once a month (unfortunate) bath.  Since my mom is allergic to the pollen and allergens that stick to my coat...I am forced to be tortured.  Some parts of it aren't so bad though.  When I finish I always get a doggie garlic bagel.  YUMMY!  I drool during the entire drying process because I know what is coming!  Brookside makes the best bagels!  I also sleep really well the night after a bath.  I SNORE the whole night and my mom and dad laugh at me. My mom says my coat is shiny.  I guess it looks a little bit nice.
Shiny coat after bath day!

         My next bath will be next month....ONLY TWO DAYS BEFORE I GET TO GO SEE SCRAPPY AND FAMILY!  Scrappy is my sister and I love playing tug of war and chase.  She is the top dog of the house and I am always making her a little growly, but I know I am just the annoying little sister.  She LOVES ME!  She just gets her whiskers bumped a little when she has to share her people with me.  I know she loves me because she SOMETIMES ON RARE OCCASIONS snuggles up to me on my bed and falls asleep next to her sister.  See you in a month Scrappy!  Love your sissy!

Me and my sissy