Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hiking the Ozarks

Before I journeyed back to Montana at Christmas time, I went on a hike in the Ozark Mountains.  I now live in Kansas, so I miss the majestic mountains.  So do Mom and Dad.  We drove ten hours (five out and five back) in one day---just to go for a five mile hike!  We are crazy, aren't we? 
My overall conclusion:  I like the Ozark Mountains.  They are very SPONGY.  I can run, and run, and run  and my muscles don't get that tired.  The leaves make it extra squishy too.  Even though many of these mountains are ROLLING and and not STEEP, I did manage to find several fun things to play on. 

Here's the "Queen of the Mountain" game that I play by myself.

I also like to find those pesky little squirrels.

Have any of you furiends ever been to the Ozark Mountains?  Any hiking suggestions? 

Hoping to hike again soon,