Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back in Big Sky Country

    Hey furiends!  I am back in Big Sky Country, and I have already made myself feel right at home.  I have received a couple awards this week and am so THANKFUL for the recognition and CAN'T WAIT to give one of the awards to five other people.  The other award involves letting you pups know some stuff about me that you don't already know.  BOL!  You are in for some surprises!  Watch my posts over the next couple of days to see what I mean! 

     I convinced Scrappy, my BIG sister (BOL) to go on a snow hike with me!  Kansas doesn't even have snow yet, so of course, the first adventure we did had to have snow!  We wandered out into the deep woods where the trees were draped in snow to play a great game of CHASE!  I really DON'T WANT TO ADMIT IT, but Scrappy is faster than I am.  She chases me, barking in her little bossy voice.  It makes me so excited that I whine.  I LOVE playing chase with my sissy.  I have missed her and the family so much when we have been in Kansas.  It is so nice to be home for Christmas.  She has NO IDEA what I am giving her for Christmas.  I bet it's so good that she'll blog about it!  Here is a little pic blog from our first Montana adventure!  Thanks again for the awards!  I will blog about them soon.  Hope all my furiends are starting their bark-downs to Christmas!  Ruff!


My new style for Christmas

My people

You're it!


Wow, I've missed this place.

I think I will become a snow bunny

Hiking again in Montana with loved ones,