Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sick Day

      Sorry I haven't been writing lately.  I have had a lot of stuff going on with my little body and my mom is really worried about me.  I started limping about a month ago, so my mom took me to the vet.  They did hip x-rays, a back x-ray, and knee x-rays.  Everything seemed okay, so they sent me home with some Rimadyl and called the injury a pulled muscle.  After two weeks rest, which was ABSOLUTELY AGONIZING, I was still limping around.  I started to get a bad rash on my tummy.  Mom took me to the vet AGAIN.  The vet found an infection in my mouth that couldn't be treated with anything.  I just have to sit it out until it goes away.  They said I could get snappy because it hurts a lot.  I can't imagine myself getting crabby about anything.  My tail is always wagging, even when I am hurting. 

     The vet said the infection on my stomach was a staph infection and gave my mom some shampoo to treat it.  Mom started to use it right away. It's been a week since my mom has used the shampoo and I now have a big cyst on my tummy.   Last night I saw my mom crying after she felt it.  She tried to hide the tears from me, but I know that she is VERY upset about everything that is going wrong.  She called the vet again today to set up another appointment.  I was wondering if any of my tail wagging friends have any suggestions as to how to find out what is going on with my little body.  I need to get better for my mom.  I have to stay around to hike with her and make her smile.  I'm going back to the vet tomorrow.    PS.  I am only two years old.  Maybe that will help with the suggestions.  Thank you! 

Hopefully hiking again soon,