Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Talk: Diggity Dog Dig

   Today's topic involves a NAUGHTY (that's what Mom thinks) trait of mine.  I quite enjoy digging deep, dirty holes.   Especially when they are placed right smack in the middle of a beautifully landscaped yard.  I've done it since I was a puppy and I like it love it.  
    So Mom looked up the top ten things that most dog owners claim are the worst habits their dog does...and digging is number FOUR!  What can I say, Mom, I'm not that original.  Anyhow-then she found this funny article about some suggestions on how to get your dog to stop digging.  I HAD to blog about these because some of them are absolutely and positively RIDICULOUS.  I mean, if my mom did these things to me, I think I would run away and never come back.  Well...maybe I would come back after a few hours, but seriously, these ideas are plain mean. 

Ideas to try if your dog is digging in an unwanted place (the not so good ideas from that article.):

1.  Declaw your dog.   Some owners and vets argue that it is better that your dog lose its claws, than lose its life by digging out of the yard and being hit by a car.   ?

2.   Blow up some balloons and bury them in the spots where your dog digs in the yard.  When your dog digs....BOOM!  They won't do it again.  ?

3.  Turn on the sprinklers when your dog starts to dig in the yard, or stand out in the yard with a hose and spray your dog when your dog digs.  ?

4.  Bury your dog's poop in the spot in the yard where your pup digs.  When he/she finds it...she will quickly lose interest in digging.  ?

See?  Wouldn't you run away too?  I don't think I would take well to Mom spraying me with a hose.  Here are the logical suggestions from the article on how you can ACTUALLY stop your dog from digging in the yard:

1.  Have an actual sand area in your yard where it is fun for your dog to dig.  You can bury certain dog toys or dentabones in the area.  Make sure the area is big enough to keep your dog's attention.

2.  Exercise your dog before putting your dog into your beautifully landscaped yard. 

3.  Only leave your dog out in the yard when you are out there with them.  This allows you to correct incorrect behavior when it is occurring so your dog learns right from wrong. 

4.  Leave a treat Kong in your yard so your dog's attention is occupied on something else, rather than digging. 

What are your thoughts on this Tuesday Talk? Looking forward to hearing from you, furiends.