Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Memory of Nordic Skiing: A PHOTO ARRAY

   Last Christmas my mom took me nordic skiing for the first time.  We were all newbies.  You see, my mom and dad had never gone nordic skiing either.  They bought themselves an early Christmas present of new gear and we went EVERYDAY over Christmas break. 
Round Meadows, Whitefish, Montana 2011

     The area we go to is an off-leash nordic area that is groomed every couple of days by snow mobiles!  Sometimes I see them coming at me on the trail and I hide behind my dad's legs.  I am only brave when mom and I are by ourselves.  Dad is strong.  He'll take care of her.  I'm off duty then.  I must say that, right off the bat, I was significantly better than my dad was at nordic skiing. 

Battle wound 1
  It really shouldn't matter that Dad received the wound because he swerved to avoid landing on me.  I would have moved.  He is a little OVERPROTECTIVE.  I kissed away the pain with my tongue and off we were again to be a happy fake pro-skier family. 

Fake nordic pro photo 1
   My mom laughed a lot as she tried to mangle her way down the few steep hills.  She made fun of Dad's battle wounds and gave me lots of peanut butter treats.  We would occasionally run into a few other families that were nordic skiing with their pups.  I made sure the prance by them with an extra little bounce because I was quickly becoming their competition.  WATCH OUT!  Okay, well... we could still take nice photos. 

   After a nice four mile loop and what seemed like hundreds of potty marks later...we found our car.  I couldn't wait to go nordic skiing again.  When mom took her skis off, I sat on them.  Are we really done?  I could go forever.  Dad had to lift me into the car because of all the running I had done on the four mile loop.  Mom said I went at least triple the distance.  I was so ready to go again...I....I.....YAWWWWNNNNNNN.

I'm still just is shown in a different way
   It was a great trip.  I remember every minute of it, well, except for the ride home.  Small detail. 

Ski with you later!