Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Montana Friday in the Mountains

     Hello everyone!   I have one hike I love to do ONCE A WEEK.  I know, that seems like a lot, but it is so BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL that it really never gets old.   The Danny On Trail on Big Mountain at the Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana is my weekly addiction.   There is a leash rule on this trail, so all you pups out there have to be okay with hiking with a harness and a leash to really enjoy this one.   It's a great workout, though.  It is four miles UP and four miles DOWN. with about 2500 VERTICAL FEET.(Maybe I should say it is FOUR STUNNING miles up.)

The mountain used to let dogs ride the gondola down, but they don't anymore.   There is dog water at the summit house for hiking pups, and owners need not carry water for their pups because there are a lot of streams during the climb up.

   When we did the hike last week, there was SNOW UP THERE.   I still managed to eat a BUNCH of huckleberries.  They tasted like the doggie huckleberry ice cream from SWEET PEAKS ICE CREAM PARLOR.  YUMMY.....

  I always have to stay on the deck when we get to the top, but the views are amazing and I don't mind because I can watch the squirrels dart in and out of their holes on the mountain slopes below the deck. 


    For all my pup friends out there who love to hike, this hike is A GREAT ONE.   I hope you had a great week.  We all made it to FRIDAY!   Now we get to PLAY OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE WARMTH OF THE SUN BEFORE WINTER COMES.  

Hike with you later,