Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mud Baths

      The best part of my mom and dad giving me a bath every month is that I have a full thirty days (in between baths) to make sure I get as dirty as possible.  My mom sprays me with perfume, so it doesn't matter how badly I smell when I come home from the dog park.  So if you are utterly disgusted at this point, or if you are the dog that rolls in another dog's poop...let me tell you that is NOT ME.  I like to roll in DARK STICKY GOOEY MUD that resembles poop, but doesn't contain any fecal matter.  Sometimes the water I choose to drink in ponds contains fecal matter and I end up with giardia, but my mom and dad are experts at treating that.  I prefer the nasty brown puddles to the nice ice water my parents pack for me while hiking.  Life's all about choices, ya know?

My first mud puddle.  Nine weeks

      Sometimes mom calls me sassy.  I don't know if I would classify myself as sassy, but perhaps classy.  When I go to the dog parks all the boy dogs follow me around like I'm the bomb diggity  (I heard  that while watching Animal Planet.) and I only tease the boys who can catch me when I sprint at my top notch gear.  The more mud and muck you have on you, the better for two reasons:  1)dogs are less likely to be able to latch onto you with their teeth because you are slippery and 2) all the dogs want to know exactly what you have been rolling in.  It's like nature's perfume.  I camouflage my dirt quite nicely because I am black.  Mom doesn't know how dirty I am until she wipes off my legs at the door and the red towel turns black.  I just wag my tail and run into the house displaying my paw art on their white carpeting.  I am a very talented artist.  Especially when I start throwing my muddy tennis ball around. 

    Got to go.  Mom is getting out the brush and the perfume.  It's only three days from my next bath so I am in a hopeless situation of perfume every day.  At least she brought some treats.

Hike with you later!