Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day Two of the Awards!

     I am so grateful for receiving this award from Basset Momma!  I love reading about Fred and Gloria's adventures every day.  Okay, well, I do miss SOME DAYS.  BUT when  I am online I ALWAYS GO AND VISIT THEIR BLOG.  They are sooooo cute and they are a little SASSY like I am.  Thanks for the award Basset Momma! 

  I have to share ten things that you don't know about me and pass this award onto six other dogs! 

  Okay...I may blush, but here goes....

1.  When Mom and Dad drive on the interstate, I duck when the car goes underneath an underpass.  WHAT?!  I COULD hit my head!

2.  One of my favorite places to sleep is on a towel next to the bed at a Super 8.  I also like drinking out of the hotel ice containers. 

3. I have had giardia fifteen times in my life.  I had it as a puppy and have no immunity to it. I catch it everywhere!

4.  I have rawhides once a month to take the tarter and plaque off of my teeth.

5.  I have bad allergies in the spring and have to take two benadryl pills a day!

6.  I finally became brave enough to do one of my fifty tricks at the Dogtoberfest this fall!  I did my figure eight without any hesitation.  Mom was proud.  I WASN'T IMPRESSED.  I didn't even get a ribbon for third.  ?! 

7.  My favorite game involves my mom shutting all the lights off and hiding in her closet.  She calls my name and I creep in really slowly to find her.  She shouts, "BOO!!!!" and chases me around the house for ten minutes.  TRY IT...IT'S A LITTLE SCARY, BUT A RUSH!

8.  I have to suffer through the application of plum foo foo spray daily.

9.  When I get a  new collar, I beg for it until it clicks around my neck. 

10.  My human mom wears an "I heart my dog" ring.  I've literally got myself wrapped around her finger....WAIT A MINUTE?  BOL!

The six blogs I award this award to are: 

Cowspotdog   I found this blog trhough Scrappy at Yorkie Tails, but found the writing style and stories to be great! 

Corgionmymind  A new blog I just checked out, but am seriously enjoying reading. 

Sheltiebeauties  I found this blog through Scrappy as well.  Great photos and lots of genuine barks and barkouts on this one!

Love of Chester  I always love it when I find another lab that blogs like I do!  Here's to my chocolate look alike and some great blogs! 

Gospel of Goose  I secretly admire your jingle tail.  Ruff!  You put up great pictures!