Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Friday, September 20, 2013


   Hello, furiends!  I moved back to my home state of MONTANA!   Over the last year a lot of wonderful things have happened!  My mom finished her first year of teaching eighth grade.  Needless to say, it was such a challenging, but rewarding year.  The little time she did manage to have was spent exercising me!  Anyhow~ Dad got a job back in Montana so after the Kansas City school year was over~WE MOVED BACK!  So we are back in God's Big Sky Country and the hikes are endless.    My mom and dad are smiling, and we are spending quality time together as a family again.  Although we miss our Kansas City friends, we are making new friends and reuniting with old friends in the TREASURE STATE. 

     This is a picture of me hiking Great Northern for the third time in my life.  This hike never gets old, but my paws are always so sore when we get back to the car.  We went too early this year, and it was difficult to find the right way to summit the peak.   We ended up traversing too low, and we couldn't get high enough to get out of the class III climbing.  And let me tell you...a dog can go up that stuff...but a dog CAN'T go down it.   So we had SPECTACULAR views, and a great hike without a summit.   My pack was empty this day because I hadn't used it before, but it sure is nice.  It works as a harness up on those high rock faces!   My mom has found her peace again, and I am one lucky dog.

       I hope you will continue to read our blog even though we have been away for a long time.  We have missed our furiends.