Snow Angel

Snow Angel

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Sky Country: A Dog Poem

If heaven is a place
Big Mountain, Montana 2011

It's a place just like this.

If heaven is an idea
It's a freedom just like this.

On the top of this mountain
My paws can touch sparkling crystal sky.

On the top of this mountain
If I could choose the place, this is the place I would go to die.

In the place where mountain and sky meet
I hear the echoes of thunder in my heart. 

In the place where mountain and sky meet
I know I have truly played my part.

So as far as my dog heart may roam
So as far as my dog heart may roam

I always remember the heavenly view to find my way back home


  1. Heaven. Heart. Home.

    That is the perfect description of Montana!

    Your poem and photo are precious!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog, looking forward to getting to know you! Happy Friday!

    Miley and Maggie